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Avy redefines the quality of life and work by developing a family of innovative aircraft for humanitarian and professional applications. Fully self-flying. And with zero emissions.

Avy – Aircraft And Drones For Better Life And Work

About AVY

about avy

The core mission of Avy is to improve the life quality of people by using the sky in a sustainable way.
We aim to achieve this goal by developing and supplying unmanned aerial systems (also known as drones), dedicated to life-critical and highly demanding industrial applications, which offer unprecedented performances in terms payload, velocity, range, safety and flexibility of use.

How is Avy different from other drones?

  • Avy is a market-driven drone developer. People-centric and business-focused. The specs of our products are tailored around market needs. Not post-marketed around achieved tech specs.
  • Avy develops autonomous aircraft as a means to an end: We want higher quality of life, higher quality of work, and faster response to life-critical situations.
  • We envision a future where autonomous aircraft are a granted and usual part of every day life.

Avy One

The first phase in the life of Avy is the development of the Avy One: a lightweight self-flying aircraft that has a very long flight range and can take a high payload.



Rescue drone

Avy One Search and Rescue

In the past year millions of refugees fled their home countries in search of a better life. Some of them embarked on the dangerous mission to try and cross the Mediterranean Sea in old, overcrowded boats. Unfortunately 3.500 refugees died during their attempt last year.
Avy has developed a rescue drone for refugees in need travelling across the Mediterranean Sea. The Avy search and rescue drone is capable of flying long distances, can detect boats and – if necessary – drop life jackets, life buoys, food and medicine.

Drones for Good Competition

Avy One Search and Rescue has been selected from more than a thousand contestants as a finalist in the international drone competition ‘Drones for good’ in Dubai. The competition selects the best drone and drone-applications with a humanitarian purpose.

‘Drones for good’ is organized by the Dubai ICT-fund and Dubai Telecom and aims to stimulate the development of innovative drones for a better world. Of all the entries, 10 international finalists have been selected to compete in the competition which takes place on the 17th and 18th of February in Dubai.


Avy One Family

Avy family

The Avy family counts five variants, each one dedicated and optimized for one of the selected target applications. Every variant possesses specific technical features, mission capabilities and its own product identity. Each Avy has its own especially tailored aircraft design and on-board systems.

Avy Search & Rescue

The Avy Rescue is especially tailored to operate in emergency conditions for performing life-saving missions in support of search & rescue and for the management of disaster relief. In order to operate in these demanding scenarios the Avy Rescue possesses a powerful and complete sensor & communication package as well as a sturdy construction and an unparalleled operational flexibility.

Avy Life

The Avy Life is optimized for the life-critical mission of transporting organs for transplant operations from one hospital to another. For this mission, the Avy Life is equipped with a refrigerated container which ensures that the organ will remain in perfect condition for the duration of the flight.

Avy Spector

The Avy Spector is dedicated to the most asset-critical industrial applications, such as monitoring, surveying and inspecting installations, infrastructures and natural resources extending in length (high-tension power lines, railways, pipelines, waterways, etc.) and/or area (e.g. wind farms, oil fields, etc.) or positioned in remote locations. Once again, long range, high velocity and vertical takeoff and landing provide the Avy Spector with a unique mix of performance and flexibility. The heavy payload allows Avy Spector to carry an extensive set of sensors, complemented by unmatched on-board computational power for the pre-elaboration of the harvested data.

Avy Green

The Avy Green is our model for precision agriculture and farming (monitoring of livestock and crops, optimizing the use of irrigation and pesticide, etc.) as well as environmental protection (monitoring of pollution, mapping and controlling of natural resources by remote sensing). The range and payload offered by the Avy Green allow the transportation of extensive packages of sensors and on-board computational power over extensive distances, reaching an unprecedented level of efficiency and profitability in this type of operations.

Avy Carry

The Avy Carry focuses on the delivery of parcels and mail. Thanks to its combination of range, payload and velocity combined with vertical takeoff and landing, the Avy Carry can deliver most packages with huge savings in time, cost and pollution.


Avy One Specifications

Avy One’s specifications are tailored to market needs and surpass competition on all fronts in terms of
performance, sustainability, flexibility and convenience of operation.


Avy One Specs

Vertical Take-Off and Landing

Thanks to its inventive hybrid design, the Avy One combines the vertical takeoff and landing as well as mid-air hovering capabilities typical for helicopters & multicopters, with the higher performances in terms of payload, velocity, range and endurance common for fixed-wing airplanes.

Autonomous Flying

The Avy One is provided with a high degree of autonomy to fly and maneuver with minimal human intervention thanks to its advanced flight control system. Moreover, the flight control and positioning system is based on a triple redundancy architecture and fit with a sense-and-avoid collision avoidance system, backed by a man-in-the-loop feature to achieve the highest level of safety.

High Speed & Extended Range

In forward flight, the Avy One flies like a fixed-wing airplane supported by the lift created by its wings, reaching a top speed of 200 km/h. This makes it up to 80% more efficient than multicopters during cruise flight, giving the Avy One a range of 400 km.

Fully Electric

The propulsion of Avy One is fully electric, which ensures sustainable, zero emission flights.

Unparalleled Payload

With a payload of 10 kg, the Avy One has a transport capability that sets it apart from the competition. Avy One’s payload is carried within a multi-purpose module able to host a variety of packages, sensors, communication systems as well as extra batteries for extended range.

Multi-Purpose & Modular Built

The main body of the Avy One carries a box-sized module for cargo and batteries designed to be quickly replaceable by means of a click-on click-off system. Thanks to this clever design, the Avy One can be quickly adapted to the most varied applications by just replacing its payload bay.



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