About Avy

Avy pioneers in innovative aircraft technology for a transition towards sustainable aviation and with a focus on life-saving missions and applications.
We believe in three essential elements for the future of flight: zero emissions, full autonomy and the combination of VTOL and wing-borne cruise flight.

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Rugged and reliable

Tailored to your needs

Intuitive and easy to use

Rugged and reliable

Tailored to your needs

Intuitive and easy to use

Our purpose & mission

At Avy we want to unlock the potential of the sky and accelerate the transition towards sustainable aviation.

We want to create the most compelling aircraft company of the 21st century by pioneering in sustainable aviation technology, developing and building zero-emission aircraft with a focus on life-saving applications and be an employer that all our employees can be proud of.

Our team

We are Avy. A team of passionate and extremely driven developers.

What drives us is the positive impact of our state-of-the-art technology: we are here to save lives and to really make a change.

Patrique (Pi) Zaman


Ilse van Nierop

Finance & Operations

Anika Vermue

Office Management

Remco van den Born

Business Development

Emmy Huiskamp

Marketing & Communication

Benjamin van der Hilst


Renee Louman

Project Management

Paul Vastert

Design Engineering

Karin Dijkstra

Mechanical Engineering

Chris Mc Cabe

Flight Operations

Kitso Epema

Aeronautical Engineering

David Mackie

Software Engineering

Peter Seres

Flight Control Engineering

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