Drones for Emergency Services

Optimise your daily operations with a customisable wing drone for emergency services, and make your life as a first responder easier, safer and more reliable. 

Quickly gather imagery from above to assess and monitor incidents, and make data-based decisions to allocate your resources more effectively.

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Improved situational Awareness

The Avy Aera is a customisable fixed-wing drone used for operations to map, survey and create situational awareness. 

For emergency response, the aircraft can be quickly deployed from a distance to monitor and assess incidents, by flying above areas of interest, such as structure fires, forest fires or traffic incidents. 

Through multiple cameras and sensors, the drone captures imagery and data that can be used for emergency management, prevention, and real-time incident monitoring.
At Avy, we call the Aera the ‘Swiss army knife of the air’, because it acts as a flying multitool. The features and sensor payloads are set up in a modular way, making them easily customised to your needs and operational context.

In all cases, the aircraft is electric, silent and branded to your look & feel. It has minimal impact on the environment.

The aircraft is developed in such a way that it supports first responders on their mission to save lives.

Incident Prevention

  • Map fire-prone areas & predict fire developments
  • Area surveillance and environmental control
  • Predict and assess emergency risks

Incident monitoring

  • Real-time information for first responders
  • Assist in Search & Rescue missed persons
  • Post-incident imagery

Incident response

  • Rapid response based on real-time insights
  • Crowd control for example in case of evacuation area of interest
  • Map best trajectories for first responders

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From rapid deployment to actionable insight

Avy was founded in Amsterdam and raised in Africa, where it learned how to fly under the most challenging circumstances.

Share your first response use-case with us, and let's create solutions to overcome any technical, legal or operational challenges. We offer different service models: full service, ownership or a lease-to-own.

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