Early Adopters Program

What is the EA Program?

Avy would like to offer 5 companies the opportunity to fly with the latest long range drone technology at an attractive discount. In return we ask to test its capabilities, explore new uses cases and promote Avy in the drone industry.

For operators who have an extensive track record with the technical, operational and business aspects of drones, we created the Avy Early Adopter Program. It's now open for registration!


  • 50% discount
  • Expand your fleet
  • Add long range flights
  • Win new opportunities
  • First mover advantage
  • Direct support


  • Don’t use for evil
  • Fly a lot
  • Share data and knowledge
  • Promote Avy
  • Get certification

Operator Qualification Requirements

  • Extensive flight experience (quadcopter and fixed wing drones, preferably VTOL)
  • Strong relations with local regulators (CAA or similar)  
  • License to operate (ROC or similar) and trained pilots (RPA-L)
  • Proven track record with commercial drone operations
  • In business for >3 yrs
  • Technical know-how for small maintenance and repairs
  • Overlap in markets and use cases
  • Comply with PR and non-disclosure agreements
apply for the early adopter program

Get in touch

Team Avy
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We'd love to get in touch with you and explore possibilities.

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