Last mile delivery

One billion people are disconnected from healthcare. Our healthcare drone takes off and lands anywhere, and carries temperature controlled medical goods to people in need in hard-to-reach places.

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Medical delivery drone

Facing a last mile delivery problem? Then you may have experienced logistical and financial challenges when reaching remote and inaccessible places.

Some rural areas are difficult and often time consuming to reach. Challenges on the ground can lead to a broken cold chain with medicine going to waste. With an Avy Aera in the skies however, these issues can be solved.

Last mile delivery

Deliver medicines, blood and vaccines in a temperature controlled payload (2°-8°C). Routine deliveries or for emergency response. Improving the access to healthcare for those who need it most.

Sample Collection Drone

Sample collection

Pick-up samples from hard-to-reach areas and deliver them to a central laboratory for analyses. Tackling infectious diseases in a reliable, safe and sustainable way.

Last Mile Delivery Drone

Medical equipment

Distribute sterile surgical equipment from a centralised storage facility to local clinics.

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Power of local

Avy is the technological partner of WeRobotics. We support the FlyingLabs program enabling local entrepreneurs and pilots to use medical drones. In our view, local capacity is key to developing sustainable drone networks that provide access to healthcare for rural communities.

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