Meet Avy

Avy is a Wingdrone. Both a drone and an airplane, combining the best of these both worlds. Able to fly 100+km BVLOS and landing anywhere.
This long range UAV has a payload bay with swappable modules.
Whether you need an eye in the sky, map terrains or transport cooled medical cargo, Avy is ready for all applications.

Is it a drone? Is it a plane?

Avy is a wing drone. It’s agile like a drone, taking off and landing vertically on the most challenging surfaces. And it’s efficient like a plane, with wings that enable it to fly far (BVLOS) without having to recharge. With this blend of features, Avy gives you fast, easy and safe access to places that are remote or hard to reach. The electric wing drone is 100% emission free and implemented at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter or a plane.

Customizable wing drone

Remember the Thunderbirds? As we found so many potential applications for Avy, and because we are a little nerdy, we got inspired by the Thunderbird 2 and developed a modular payload-bay. This way we can easily swap the payload modules, changing the application from "Medical Cooled Cargo" to "Thermal Imaging", and "Multispectral" to "Mapping".

Avy was developed in partnership with the European Space Agency and Delft University of Technology and we collaborate with other tech suppliers to integrate cameras, sensors and software. This allows us to operate at the forefront of technology, creating solutions in a fast and innovative way.

Long range wing drone

Flexible VTOL

VTOL, Vertical Take Off and Landing, enables you to operate Avy on challenging surfaces and makes it easy to reach even the most remote places.

Efficient wings

With its fixed wings, Avy is 10 times more efficient than a regular quadcopter drone. It flies far and wide, without having to recharge.

Fully autonomous

No training or pilots are required, Avy is self-flying. We integrate it seamlessly and hassle-free into your daily operations. Just sit back and enjoy the mission.

Modular payload

Medical cool box or HD cam? Whatever your payload is, we give it wings. Avy is like a flying multitool, capable of third-party integration and with a replaceable payload.

Environmentally friendly

Operate emission free, silently and almost invisibly from the ground, with minimal impact on wildlife and the environment. Only you know we were here...


Flight performance

Flight time

90 minutes


100 km

Cruise speed

17 m/s (60 km/h)

Maximum speed

27 m/s (97 km/h)


Maximum Payload weight

1.5 kg

Payload Volume

100 x 110 x 175 mm (L x W x H)

Payload Modules

RGB / Thermal / Multispectral / Cooled



2720 mm


950 mm


500 mm

2720 mm

500 mm

950 mm

Transport case DIMENSIONS

2000 x 600 x 600 mm

Transport case WEIGHT

22 kg


Empty weight (excluding battery)

3.5 kg

Battery weight

1.5 kg

Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW)

6.5 kg


Battery type

Lithium Polymer (LiPo)



Battery Capacity

20.000 mAh

Operating Conditions

Maximum Wind speed (takeoff)

4 BFT (35 km/h)

Maximum Wind speed (mission)

5 BFT (40 km/h)

Temperature range

-20° C / +40° C


Mission planning

Dedicated Base Station


Fully autonomous

Communication type

Mobile Network + Satlink + RF



Get in touch

Team Avy
Donauweg 21
1043 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 85 208 2085

We love to get in touch with you and explore possibilities.

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