Medical delivery

Avy is a customised wing drone used for medical delivery, making it fast, easy and affordable to operate in places that are hard to reach.

If your organisation works in health supply or cold chain medical delivery, you may have experienced the logistic and financial challenges of reaching remote places. With the latest drone technology, you get fast, easy and affordable access to places you could not go before. Our wing drone is self-flying and emission free, reaching distances of up to 100 kilometres.

Flying medical support

Deliver medicines, medical tools, blood or tissue samples. Whether you’re organising vaccination programmes, delivering medical parcels or working on any other medical project, our wing drone is fully tailored to your needs. With Avy you operate silently and with minimal impact on the environment. Vaccines and medicines are well protected and temperature controlled. Together with the Dutch ANWB Medical Air Assistance, we are also exploring the delivery of defibrillators. Our team would be happy to work with you on any medical challenge.

Emergency delivery

Sample collection

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Accessible for any organisation

Share your medical challenges with us, and we will create solutions to overcome technical, legal, operational and even financial constraints. We offer different service models: full service, ownership or a lease-to-own construction. The features and payloads of our wing drone are set up in a modular way, so we can customise them for your specific uses. Get in touch, our engineers, business developers and operational masterminds love to think with you.

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