Press Release: Launch of the Avy Aera

Avy will launch its lifesaving fixed-wing drone at the Amsterdam Drone Week (4-6 December), during which there will be live demonstrations, a keynote by Patrique our founder, and the wing drone will be displayed at the showcase area.




Patrique Zaman

CEO & Founder



Avy launches its lifesaving Avy Wing Drone

Avy "drones for good" aims to use technology to save lives

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 28 November 2019 - During the Amsterdam Drone Week Avy, established in the Netherlands, will launch their life-saving Avy Aera  drone on 4 December 2019. The Avy drone flies autonomously, has a one hour flight time and can cover up to 70 kilometres. The aircraft will be used, amongst other things, in the Medical Drone Service pilot project, launched earlier this week. The Medical Drone Service will investigate safe and reliable transport of blood products and medicines between blood banks and hospitals over the next three years.

Super Hero of the Skies

Mr Patrique Zaman, founder of Avy: "We use drone technology to have a positive impact on the world by saving lives. Avy flies autonomously and can cover long distances thanks to its wings, and can transport packages of 1.5 kilos in cold chain conditions. We took to the air because we don't want road traffic to slow us down, and we have the possibility to reach our destination in a straight line. Avy is a drones for good' company and produces zero emissions. You may just call it the superhero of this new technological era."

Dutch Innovation

Mrs Petra van Saaze, Director of ANWB Medical Air Assistance (MAA): "Medical Drone Service has chosen Avy because of Avy's experience in Africa. Medical Drones Service and ANWB chose Avy because of its social objective and purpose of developing ’drones for good’. The Avy V-TOL fixed-wing drone makes taking off and landing vertically possible, without the need for infrastructure such as a runway. Its wings ensure that relatively long distances can be covered, which is in line with the plans for delivering medical goods. In addition, Avy presents a wonderful Dutch product. It works very well together with local suppliers and makes it easy for communication.”

Medical Drone Service

Under the name Medical Drone Service, initiators ANWB Medical Air Assistance (Dutch Air Ambulance) and PostNL (Dutch Postal and Parcel service) together with medical partners Erasmus MC and Sanquin, and technology partners KPN and Avy, are investigating how drones can be used, e.g. for delivering blood, medicines and diagnostic samples to patients and care locations. The aim is to investigate what contribution drones can make when supplying care at the right place and in the right time.

Amsterdam Drone Week

You can find Avy during Amsterdam Drone Week at booth 10.306 (Amsterdam 4-6 December 2019). Avy will be giving live flight demonstrations in the drone arena on each day, and will be on display in the showcase area. Founder Mr Patrique Zaman will host a talk on 'Urban Air Mobility' on the 4th of December.

About Avy Avy is a ‘drones for good’ company. Avy pioneers in innovative aircraft technology for the transition to sustainable aviation and focusing on life-saving missions. Avy builds fixed-wing drones, which means a combination of a drone and an aeroplane that can take off vertically and fly horizontally thus enabling beyond visual lines of sight delivery. Avy drones are used for good applications such as first response operations, medical deliveries, nature conservation purposes and search & rescue.



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