Tailored drone solutions

Avy offers safe and effective drone solutions, fully tailored to the needs of your organisation, a specific project or multiple uses.

Go where you couldn’t go before and do what you couldn’t do before. Our drones are self-flying and emission free, using their wings to reach distances of up to 30 kilometres. Operate in places that are remote or time-consuming to reach, and feel more in control than ever.

The sky is the limit

We create tailored solutions for many purposes, such as mapping, ground inspections, soil sampling, wind turbine maintenance or the collection of data and imagery. Operating with our electric drone is safe, silent and emission free, with minimal impact on the environment. Implement Avy as an affordable and less-risky alternative to helicopters or ground teams. We call our wing drone the ‘Swiss knife of the air’, as it acts like a flying multitool. We set up its features and payloads in a modular way, so that they can be easily customised to every need and operational context.


Eye in the sky

Custom payload

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Share your challenges with us, and we elaborate the jobs to be done to overcome technical, legal, operational and even financial constraints. We offer different service models: full service, ownership or a lease-to-own construction. Expect us to fly high for a healthy, free and safe world, but stay down to earth when it comes to feasibility and practical use. Get in touch, our engineers, business developers and operational masterminds love to think with you.

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