Wildlife and nature conservation

Avy is a customised wing drone used for wildlife and nature conservation, making your work as a conservationist safer, easier and more effective.

Imagine flying fully autonomously, emission free and over distances of up to 100 kilometres, with all your desired tools within reach… We apply the latest drone technology to help preserve wildlife and nature in a safe and effective way, in places that are remote or time-consuming to reach.

The Swiss knife of the air

Whether it’s conserving national parks, mapping, or preventing poaching, with our wing drone you acquire data and imagery that enable you to make informed decisions. At Avy, we call it the ‘Swiss knife of the air’, as it acts like a flying multitool. We set up its features and payloads in a modular way, so that they can be easily customised to your needs and operational context. In all cases, the wing drone is electric, silent and almost invisible from the ground. It has minimal impact on wildlife and the environment.

Wildlife conservation

  • Find and assess key animals
  • Count animals
  • Map vegetation
  • Assess carrying capacity


  • Patrol
  • Validate triggers from ground sensors
  • Eye in the sky for anti-poaching and dog units

Infrastructure management

  • Inspect fences
  • Monitor dams and water lines
  • Check road infrastructure
  • Assist in controlled burns

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Born in the Netherlands, raised in Africa

Avy was raised in Africa, where it learned how to fly in all weather conditions and the most challenging circumstances. Share your conservation challenges with us, and we will create solutions to overcome technical, legal, operational and even financial constraints. We offer different service models: full service, ownership or a lease-to-own construction.

Our engineers, business developers and operational masterminds love to think with you.

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